A word from the university president

University President's Speech:

The University of Aleppo was established in the liberated areas by a decision of the Syrian Interim Government in 2015 and began its work in all the liberated areas (Aleppo, Idlib, Homs countryside, Damascus countryside and Daraa) with more than thirteen colleges and four technical institutes,

One of the most important goals of the university is to provide higher education and knowledge for our young sons and daughters to enable them to rebuild what the brutal Syrian regime has destroyed in its war against the defenseless Syrian people. We believe that the university will keep the youth’s energies inside Syria in order not to emigrate and lose them in distant countries and societies, which force them to join organizations far from the goals of the blessed Syrian revolution and its purpose

اThe university was launched with the help of God and the initiative of sincere people and some academics. In fact, the Presidency of the Syrian Interim Government issued a decision to form the Supreme Committee for the Administration and Operation of the University of Aleppo in the Liberated Areas. This committee did everything necessary for the university to start in conditions of war, siege and displacement and secured highly qualified faculty members with accredited higher degrees, some of whom left work in the universities of the criminal system at the beginning of the Freedom Revolution against injustice and tyranny. This committee also secured the administrative staff, secured the necessary sources of support, and prepared study plans according to the standards necessary for academic accreditation and global recognition.

Professor Abdulaziz Al-Daghim
President of the Free University of Aleppo