About the university

About the university:

An official educational institution affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the Syrian Interim Government

Philosophy and Mission:

  1. Securing university studies for new Syrian students in the first year or who have dropped out of school for the rest of the years.
  2. Protecting the dissident, refugee or displaced Syrian academic.
  3. Providing educational programs that are distinguished in their curriculum and method of teaching that contribute to preparing a good citizen.
  4. Focusing on scientific research and promoting its importance in economic, social and political development and growth.
  5. Rooting science and consolidating human and moral values derived from our true religion and traditions.

University goals:

Based on its mission and philosophy, and in line with the conditions of the revolution in Syria, the university aims to:

Statistics at the University of Aleppo

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The number of university students
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University graduates
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Report of the administrative structure of the university presidency