College of Human Medicine

College vision and values:

  • To become the College of Medicine accredited by national accreditation bodies recognized regionally and internationally and to be one of the distinguished and reputable colleges in medical education, scientific research and health care
  • Excellence, integrity, justice and transparency in education, scientific research and health care
  • Commitment to the individual’s right to receive the best health care, protect privacy, and understand and respect the diversity of society
  • Commitment to creating an environment that supports the excellence and creativity of students, professors and all health workers for life.
  • Building and supporting sustainable partnerships with educational hospitals, the health system and various local and international health sectors with the aim of improving the health status of the Syrian community in particular, regional and international in general.
  • Continuous self-evaluation of performance and respect for scientific, academic, ethical and legal principles in education, scientific research and healthcare

رؤية الكلية وقيمها:

  • أن تصبح كلية الطب معتمدة من هيئات اعتماد وطنية معترف بها إقليمياً وعالمياً وأن تكون من الكليات المتميزة وذات السمعة الممتازة في التعليم الطبي والبحث العلمي والرعاية الصحية
  • التميز والنزاهة والعدالة والشفافية في التعليم والبحث العلمي والرعاية الصحية
  • الالتزام بحق الفرد في الحصول على أفضل رعاية صحية وحماية الخصوصية وفهم تنوع المجتمع واحترامه
  • الالتزام بخلق البيئة الداعمة لتميز وإبداع الطلاب والأساتذة وكافة العاملين الصحيين مدى الحياة.
  • بناء الشراكات المستدامة ودعمها مع المشافي التعليمية والنظام الصحي ومختلف القطاعات الصحية المحلية والدولية بهدف تحسين الحالة الصحية للمجتمع السوري خاصة والإقليمي والدولي عامة
  • التقييم الذاتي المستمر للأداء واحترام المبادئ العلمية والأكاديمية والأخلاقية والقانونية في التعليم والبحث العلمي والرعاية الصحية
  • Commitment to creating an environment that supports the excellence and creativity of students, professors and all health workers for life.
  • Work to promote, maintain and restore health in light of the national health care system at all levels.
  • Working in a team to meet the needs of patients with clinical performance of high quality, responsible, ethical and caring for the individual within his family and community.
  • The ability to demonstrate the required professionalism in dealing with patients, colleagues, and other medical professions, including the necessary communication skills.
  • Ability to follow the rules of medical ethics
  • Ability to critically evaluate medical practice
  • Ability to advance in postgraduate studies and research work
  • The ability for self-development and lifelong learning

College message

The College of Medicine in public universities seeks to excel in training and qualifying students during undergraduate and postgraduate studies in accordance with high-quality professional and ethical standards, preparing doctors capable of practicing patient-centered medicine, promoting health, continuing education, conducting research and contributing to the advancement of science and human knowledge through a supportive educational environment. By using appropriate teaching and learning methods within the university and in different clinical and community situations, and in strategic cooperation with local sectors and international bodies working in the same fields.

The most important work that takes place within the directorate: