Faculty of Political Science

About the College:

Providing and deepening political knowledge and awareness of issues of local, regional, and international affairs by adopting sober curricula that enable students to reach this awareness as well as serving society and its governmental and civil institutions by deepening the culture of democracy, human rights and public freedoms.

Preparing specialized cadres with political knowledge in a way that enhances political culture and the analytical ability to define and define positions at all levels, and the ability to manage state affairs, and link theoretical study with facts and real events.

نبذة عن الكلية:

تزويد وتعميق المعرفة والوعي السّياسيّ بقضايا الشّأن المحليّ والإقليميّ، والدّوليّ من خلال اعتماد المناهج الرّصينة التي تمكّن الطّلبة من الوصول إلى هذا الوعي فضلاً عن خدمة المجتمع ومؤسّساته الحكوميّة والمدنيّة بتعميق ثقافة الدّيمقراطيّة وحقوق الإنسان والحريّات العامّة.

  إعداد الكوادر المختصّة بالمعرفة السّياسيّة بما يعزّز الثّقافة السّياسيّة والقدرة التّحليليّة على تحديد وتعريف المواقف وعلى الصعد كافة ، والقدرة على إدارة شؤون الدّولة, وربط الدّراسة النّظريّة بالمعطيات والأحداث الواقعيّة.

College Goals:

Article (1) The Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Aleppo aims in the liberated areas to:

Academic degrees and study periods:

Article (2) The University of Aleppo grants the following degrees in the liberated areas, based on a proposal from the Council of the College of Political Sciences:

Article (3) The study period is as follows:

Article (4) The College of Arts and Human Sciences at the University of Aleppo supervises in the liberated areas the teaching of the Arabic language course and the foreign language course

Article (5) One of the study plan courses is taught in a foreign language, and the College Board determines these courses.

Examinations in the first university stage:

Article (6) Subject to the provisions related to examinations contained in the executive regulations of the Universities Organization Law, the following shall follow:

  1. The graduation thesis prepared by the student during the first and second semesters in the fourth year is considered as decided by the rest of the courses, and the college council determines the topics of these letters, discussion committees and the rules related to all of them based on the suggestions of the department councils.
  2. The maximum score for each course is set at 100 marks

The study plan for the first university stage

Article (7) determines the study plan for the first university stage at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Aleppo in the liberated areas. Courses are distributed among the various years and semesters of study, and the number of weekly hours for each course is determined according to the following tables: