Faculty of Informatics Engineering

About the College:

Information and communication technology has become one of the most important features of the current era, especially with the phenomenon of globalization and the spread of the information network all over the world. The vision of our university stems from its belief in the importance of higher education in order to prepare graduates who possess knowledge and knowledge and have the ability to apply in the various fields needed by our Arab society.

And given that we are in a country in which chaos prevailed and war is still ravaging his body, and because we seek to establish a free, dignified and high-tech country, especially in the field of communications, we found after scrutiny and study of the bitter reality, and given the importance of technology, especially educational programs in the field of information and communication technology, we found the lack of availability This major is important in many areas of life.

The Faculty of Informatics at the University of Aleppo consists of several specializations that include:

Software Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Systems and Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Languages, and the Deanship of the College of Engineering will present a comprehensive study plan for the majors of Informatics Engineering, Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence, with the aim of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in previous majors.

نبذة عن الكلية:

أضحت تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات من أهم سمات العصر الحالي وخاصة  مع  وجود ظاهرة العولمة وانتشار شبكة المعلومات في جميع أنحاء العالم. وتنبثق رؤية جامعتنا من إيمانها بأهمية التعليم العالي  وذلك بغية إعداد خريجين يتحلون بالعلم والمعرفة ويتمتعون بالقدرة التطبيقية في مختلف المجالات التي يحتاجها مجتمعنا العربي.

ونظراً لكوننا في بلد عمت فيه الفوضى ومازالت الحرب تنهش في  جسده ،ولأننا نسعى لتأسيس دولة حرة كريمة تتمتع بتقنية عالية وخاصة في مجال الاتصالات، وجدنا بعد التمحيص والتدقيق ودراسة الواقع المرير، ونظراً لأهمية التقانة ولاسيما البرامج التعليميةً في مجال تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات ، وجدنا عدم توفر هذا التخصص المهم في العديد من مجالات الحياة.

وكلية المعلوماتية في جامعة حلب تتكون من عدة اختصاصات تشتمل على:

هندسة البرمجيات ونظم المعلومات النظم والشبكات الحاسوبية والذكاء الصنعي واللغات الطبيعية وعمادة كلية الهندسة ستقدم خطة دراسية شاملة لتخصصات الهندسة المعلوماتية و نظم المعلومات والذكاء الصنعي، بهدف الحصول على درجة البكالوريوس  في التخصصات السابقة.

The college’s vision has been consistent since its inception in achieving the university’s mission and goals by preparing highly qualified, distinguished and creative graduates in line with the accelerated requirements of the Syrian society in the field of information and communication technology, after providing them with theoretical and practical knowledge with the latest scientific and practical means and preparing human cadres qualified for the manufacture and development of software .

  1. This era is the age of technology and information, and this specialization is necessary to keep pace with this era.
  2. The country’s urgent need for this specialization, which is growing day by day, especially in the war situation.
  3. The importance of specialization in meeting the needs of community members in the economic, social and cultural fields.
  4. The scientific and material requirements of this specialization are not difficult to achieve as we can benefit from some of the courses offered in the specialization of computer information systems.

Specialization objectives and areas of work

The specialization aims to prepare highly qualified graduates in line with the accelerated requirements of the Syrian society in the field of information and communication technology, by providing them with theoretical and practical knowledge with the latest means. We also seek to provide students with the information and skills that enable them to work in one of the following areas:

1. Local and Widescreen Computer Networks.

2. Managing Internet and Intranet networks.

3. Information security and protection in the field of communication technology.

4. The field of telephony.

5. The field of wireless communication.

Means and tools:

Students will be provided with theoretical and practical knowledge through the following:

College aspirations: