Technical Institute for Business Administration


The Technical Institute for Business Administration was created in 2015 and began work in the 2015-2016 academic year

A number of first graduates are enrolled in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Aleppo, whose rates are more than 70%

We seek to be true leaders in management sciences and its applications, and an energy that makes our educational edifice a goal and a destination for our students in Syria.


المعهد التقاني لإدارة الأعمال تم إحداثه عام 2015م، وباشر عمله في العام الدّراسي 2015-2016م

يلتحق عدد من الخريجين الأوائل بكلية الاقتصاد بجامعة حلب ممن تزيد معدلاتهم عن 70%

نسعى أن نكون روّاداً حقيقيين في علوم الإدارة وتطبيقاتها، وطاقةً تجعل من صرحنا التعليمي غايةً ومقصداً لأبنائنا الطلبة في سوريا.

the message

The Technical Institute of Management works to achieve excellence in the field of technical education for management sciences by providing qualified educational staff, an updated and developed curriculum, and fixed and specific standards. To evaluate and evaluate students, and we are committed to providing educational service of high quality, ethical and professional manner.

We aim to prepare qualified human cadres in the sciences of business administration and work on an effective link between the student’s abilities and skills acquired in the institute and the needs of the labor market. Our students are our competitive advantage and our goal that we are proud of.

The institute qualifies the student to work in private and governmental organizations, as it studies basic principles in business administration and commercial correspondence, and how to use modern classification and archiving techniques, and the institute focuses on everything related to financial management, the study of small and medium enterprises, and how to deal with human resources in the organization.

Objectives :

The study plan, the degree awarded by the institute, and the period of study:

The duration of study at the institute is two years, during which the graduate obtains a technical diploma in business administration in addition to skills related to language, computer applications and the Internet.

Attendance at the institute is mandatory and the student must achieve a attendance rate of no less than 75%.

The institute’s courses are divided into two types of courses: Some of them are related directly to computer science and the success rate is 60% and they are called specialized (scientific) courses, including the theoretical and technical courses that support the technical basis of the student and have a success rate of 50% and are called technical courses (theoretical).