Faculty of Economics


The Faculty of Economics at the Free Aleppo University was established in 2015 in the liberated areas, and the duration of study is four years.

The college started its work in the 2015-2016 academic year

The college implements a study plan consisting of two foundation years and two specialized years (accounting and business administration specialization) and it grants a BA in economics in one of the specializations available to it.

Among the future plans of the college is the endeavor to provide master’s programs in business administration and accounting and to grant a doctorate degree in these specializations. The College of Economics accepts the first graduates in various commercial and economic institutes, to pursue studies in them and obtain a bachelor’s degree.

The faculty at the college works to develop academic courses and their vocabulary, in line with global scientific developments, and with the needs of the labor market.


تأسّست كليّة الاقتصاد في جامعة حلب الحرّة عام 2015م في المناطق المحرّرة، ومدّة الدراسة فيها أربع سنوات.

باشرت الكليّة عملها في العام الدّراسي 2015-2016م

تطبِّق الكليّة خطّة دراسيّة تتألف من سنتين تأسيسيتين وسنتين اختصاصيّتين (اختصاص المحاسبة واختصاص إدارة الأعمال) وتمنح درجة الإجازة في الاقتصاد في أحد الاختصاصات المتوفِّرة لديها.

ومن ضمن الخطط المستقبلية للكليّة السّعي لتقديم برامج ماجستير في إدارة الأعمال وفي المحاسبة ومنح درجة الدكتوراه في تلك الاختصاصات.تقبل كلية الاقتصاد الخريجين الأوائل في المعاهد التّجارية والاقتصادية المختلفة، لمتابعة الدراسة فيها، ونيل درجة الإجازة.

تعمل الهيئة التّدريسية في الكليّة على تطوير المقرّرات الدّراسية ومفرداتها، وذلك تماشياً مع التّطورات العلميّة العالميّة، ومع احتياجات سوق العمل.

the message

The College of Economics is considered one of the most vibrant colleges and linked to all areas of life, as hardly any institution has graduates from this college, and in all economic sectors.

Most of the commodity and service establishments require workers with a university degree in economics, such as laboratories, stores, hospitals, banks, ministries, government departments, insurance companies, financial markets, airlines, international organizations, consulting offices, research centers, etc., etc.

Objectives :

The study plan in the college

– The Faculty of Economics consists of the Accounting Department and the Business Administration Department. The University of Aleppo Council, based on a proposal from the College of Economics Council, awards the following scientific degrees:

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, specialization (accounting) and specialization (business administration).
  • Master’s degree in the specializations specified by the college’s graduate studies system.
  • Doctorate in the specializations specified by the college’s graduate studies system.
  • The study period for obtaining a BA in economics is four academic years, where the first and second years are joint for both majors, the specialization begins in the third year
  • The duration of study for the master’s and doctoral degrees is determined in the college’s graduate studies system.
  • College attendance is mandatory, and the student must achieve a attendance rate of not less than 75%
  • Whoever takes the theoretical examination in the subjects of the major-only-is required to have taken the practical examination