Video.. Aleppo University, the story in a nutshell

Video.. Aleppo University, the story in a nutshell

Wednesday of Loyalty to Al-Thawra University, is the name given by activists after a bloody night, which was a turning point in the march of the University of Aleppo.

The peacefulness of its youth and the simplicity of their demands, to stop the assault and killing, did not intercede for them at that time in terms of raids, arrests, killings and displacement

On that night, the security forces stormed the university campus and assaulted male and female students, killing and wounding many students. They threw the student, Samer Qawas, from the balcony of his residence on the fifth floor, and a decision was issued by the university presidency to suspend work until further notice.

Its morning, the students went out carrying their bags, exhausted after a bloody night, after they saw with their own eyes how far the Assad’s crime could reach, so they turned away a dark night that, according to them, was their last school dream…

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Aleppo University.. the story in a nutshell
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